And (w)here's the other one

I love you too. Now, go jump on your dad.

About Jeni Lynn

Much has changed since I first stated this Blog. To be honest, really just my age and weight, but it feels like more. The big stuff has stayed pretty constant. I still have just the two boys (twins, Oliver and Bennett) and am still with their amazing father, Andrew. Our little family is rounded out by three fish and a dog: our fury child, Turbo, who I’m certain still resents us for bringing the boys home form the hospital nearly four years ago. The three of them have a very strange relationship that really just revolves around snacks and who is gonna sit where on the couch… Someone always loses. Both Andrew and I work full-time outside the home and full-time in it, so any time we get to spend together while the kids are at school is riddled with adult-themed fun… like running errands and napping. I love that man. We’re a great team, even if we don’t always agree.

Originally, this Blog was purely intended to be some kind of anecdotal portrayal of my attempt at raising twins, and don’t get me wrong, that is still sure to be a big part of it, but I’ve got a few years under my belt now, and I got a lot to say. I won’t really get into the specifics right now, but I will say that yes: this can be considered a parenting or “mommy” blog, but it’s anything other than traditional. I’m not traditional. And you know what, I really think that I am in the majority with that. This is meant to be cathartic for me, and hopefully you gain something from it too, even if it is just a couple laughs at my expense. Judge me if you must, because lord knows I judge people everyday: need it or not, and I know I have little to no right in doing so, but that’s OK. We all judge. I’m not here to tell you, “all moms are good moms,” because that’s bullshit. There are some shitty moms. There are some shitty dads. There are some shitty kids that are shitty all on their own even though they have greats moms and dads. Am I a shitty parent? I hope not. I feel like it sometimes, but mostly I think I’m pretty good. Am I killing it? Nope. But, really, who it. I’m making it though, and my kids are pretty awesome. By my assessment, anyone who questions whether or not they’re a good parent is probably on the better side of the parenting scale because they care enough to think about it. Also, if you’re reading this, you obviously care enough about your children and parenting ability to try and find some emotional support or common ground as you traverse your way through these crazy years: to see if you’re the only one. You’re not.

And (w)here’s the other one…

Exhaustedly yours,



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